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I am so glad you took some time to learn a little about me.   I am very fortunate to be able to work at my passion - photography- and have actually fullfilled a dream.


I use my name and personal information because I am fully accountable to you  to ensure your needs are met.  I will come through for those who have contracted with me.  I am a destination, location photographer located in Cedar Grove, NJ and Bushkill, PA. 

Although I am primarily a wedding photographer, I started my career as a baby photographer and have photographed many types of occasions such as anniversaries, communions, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, birthday parties (Sweet Sixteens, Quincenieras), corporate / social events, Jr. League debutante balls in NYC , high school proms and university graduations and sporting events for clients of different races, ethnicities and cultures.  My clients come from all social classes and I treat everyone with respect, dignity and kindness they deserve. 
The majority of what I know of photography is self taught, but if you know of anyone who works at their passion, you know it's their life  and not just a job.  I am also a software test engineer and am always learning something new and exciting with technology or digital photography. 
I have worked with and studied with many talented photographers who have helped me get to where I am today.  I am very proud to stand among many professionals, but there are others which I do not care to emulate -especially their business practices.  I've seen big and small studios not deliver to clients what was promised.  
When I am not working for a client, I can be found with camera in hand looking for something that catches my eye.  There is so much beauty we take for granted in our lifetimes.  I have posted many photos on my website, only really a handful considering I have over one hundred thousand photos, for you to see what I have produced throughout the years. 
If you are looking for a creative photographer with genuine intentions, contact me via email at my personal email: yickjr@hotmail.com, or  on my cell: 201-513-3106.    I am certain we will produce some beautiful memories for you, your friends and family.                                                                                   
Thanks for visiting my website.  
Yick Tong Jr. 
"TO LOVE is to find pleasure in the happiness of others"


Yick Tong Jr.





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